The Corporate Connexions Advantage.

Our Advantage

Networking with virtual offices

At Corporate Connexions, we have invested in a central database that is updated regularly. This is accessed by search partners and offices in our network, to enable a sharing of active profiles across industry segments.

Monitoring database integrity

As employee retention wears thin, people movement affects the integrity of the databases we work with. We have an internal updation process that tracks employee movement and updates current profiles and status, on client initiated assignments.

Being in touch with today's job seekers

Today's job seeker is not in a hurry to pick the first job that comes his way. He knows what he is worth, he has visualized his career path and he has a clear idea of the kind of environment he wants to work in. To interact with today's proactive job seekers, our teams have to constantly be in sync with their fast changing needs and aspirations.

Tapping passive profiles

As traditional hiring processes target active job seekers, the need arises to widen the net, or move in newer directions. When first level search strategies get saturated in terms of qualified returns, reaching passive job prospects becomes tactically essential.

Leveraging lateral networks

As we have seen, there is merit in leveraging an employee's referral potential, with a multiplier effect that can bring in candidates with similar capability and background. In addition to referral networking, we also explore like-minded communities in social networking platforms - effort that helps us view profiles that would normally have escaped traditional databases.

Sustaining client relationships

Consulting firms that are participative in a client's growth curve are in a position to predict and forward-plan effectively. And this can be the big difference in terms of long, sustaining client relationship. ROI here translates into the "right fit" in terms of size, an understanding of the client's process needs and a sense of urgency that sometimes comes into hiring schedules.

Reflecting client philosophies

Since we are the first link in the job hire chain it is important that we clearly reflect the client's vision and image during the entire evaluation process. Prospective employees these days come in with informed perceptions of hiring companies; it is therefore extremely important for us to project the right impression.

Working as strategic partners

In the evolution of external consulting relationships, the big leap forward is the role of the strategic partner. The partner role also means helping define benchmarking and best practice standards and following through with delivery within these standards.

What sets us apart at CC is project exposure from a life-cycle vantage point - right from the time a project is launched to the time it achieves manpower stability. This gives us an understanding of the demands and pressures of the job in terms of quality, quantity, profile matching and compatibility with client needs.